Wednesday, December 2, 2009

finch at kanibal home!

we are finally getting around to updating this blog, apologies for the delay! we have some good news to get it going...

first of all, a few of our birds can now be found at KANIBAL HOME - an absolutely wonderfully lovely shop right in our neighborhood. you can check out the birdies we've got in there at the moment, and read the really nice feature kristen scalia (the shop's owner) posted about us here. and if you haven't been in yet (i'm sure you have if you live in jersey city) i highly recommend you stop by kanibal home!! she's got the cutest clothes and beautiful vintage home furnishings in there.., jewelry, decor, crafts.. all very unique and affordable.

secondly, finch will be in brooklyn this sunday! we'll be selling our wares at a fine art & crafts open house on marlborough road in prospect park south. if you're around, you should stop by! i'll have a few paintings, and james will have a couple bird houses, and of course a great selection of new wooden birds. perfect for christmas ornaments and gifts! here's the invitation:


  1. love, love, love your stuff. as a matter of fact, this saturday i bought one of your paintings (the tiny square one right in the middle) and that EXACT wooden bird!! i posted a pic of the bird (i put it in my christmas wreath) on kanibal's facebook page & my blog. i hope to see you at my event in newark on sunday!! <3

  2. Hi Shauna!
    Your Mom keeps me updated on your comings & goings ;) I love the bird paintings, and the little wooden ones are darling! How much do you charge for those? Do you think you could maybe paint one like a robin for my Robin?
    Next time I'm in NY (who knows when that will be!), I'll have to make a point to try & stop by your studio....looks like you're doing all kinds of wonderful things! Hope you're well.